Intersections No. 2

Quotes From The Archives

Good Woman of Setzuan

"They say to speak without hope is to speak without kindness"

Jason Reynolds, Imagination + Fortitude

"Anti-racism is simply the muscle that says humans are human. That's it. It's the one that says, I love you because you are you. Period. That's all...and this is why racism has been the greatest hoax ever played on humans. It's the greatest hoax ever. Because that element of "I love you because you are you" should be the most human thing we know. It should be a natural thing to say..I love you because you remind me more of myself than not"

The Culture Code

"He delivers 2 things over and over- he'll tell you the truth with no bullshit and then he'll love you to death" - Chip Engelland on Gregg Popovich

What Octopus Dreams Tell us About the Evolution of Sleep

When they’re awake, octopuses change color during courtship, when they’re fighting over territory, and when they’re hiding from predators. Those changes are always in response to what’s going on around them. But, says Medeiros, “What we observed with sleep is that this changing color is not related to what is happening in the same moment in the environment.” Instead, the octopuses were changing into fantastical patterns that had nothing to do with real world stimuli, like the proximity of other creatures or a need to camouflage themselves. Because motor neurons in the brain control those skin pattern changes, Medeiros says it’s possible that these patterns were emerging because the octopuses were dreaming.

Herds of Life-Sized Elephants Roam Through London's Parks for a Global Conservation Project