Introducing: The Nodding Along Series

👋 Welcome!

In the before times, we would find ourselves at events, co-worker's birthdays, or holiday parties (with that side of the family), and we'd inevitably get caught with the one guy who tells us what he does. We would nod along until someone mercifully taps us out. Sometimes that guy is just boring.  And sometimes, we are that guy. But I think that most people actually do really cool stuff or think about really cool stuff, and have a hard time explaining it.

This series aims to get us to talk about the things that matter to us in a way that everyone can understand without all the jargon.

One bit of eye-rolling jargon that I use a lot  is "cross-pollination." 🙈 I sound like an asshole. But the idea behind it -  meeting people from all walks of life and learning things that could change my perspective, expand my worldview,  create new connections in my mind, and improve my life/work - well, I am kind of obsessed with that concept. Maybe you have stuff like that too?

How it works: Very cool, helpful people answer some questions about their jobs. I turn the answers into a fun visual explainer that they can give  to that one person who KEEPS asking  "what is it that you do again?" (mom)

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Want to join the fun? Tell me about your job!