How To Use Fiverr As A Student

How To Use Fiverr as a Student

Have you heard of fiverr? It's a platform that connects freelance workers from various industries with individuals or companies looking for help on specific, short-term projects. You might be thinking: "Why would this matter to me? I'm a student and not a freelancer." Well, I'm glad you asked! Here are three ways you can take advantage of this platform on your learning journey: 

Career Exploration

If you browse fiverr, you'll discover that people are paying for a wide range of different services. You can find the classics- web development, logo design, and social media marketing. But you'll also see a ton of exciting categories- dance lessons, beat making, and drone photography. As a student or budding young professional, you can use fiverr as a way to research different career paths and see how much creators are able to charge for their services.

Launch a Side-hustle

You don't have to stick to browsing- why not build a profile and use your skills + passions to make extra cash? If you already have skills in a particular area and have a few examples of your work (aka a portfolio), it can't hurt to share that with the world. If you take a look at the other profiles and think, "hey, my work is just as good (or better!)", then you shouldn't have to wait until you get a degree or a certification. If it's good, it's good. 

Learn in Public

As you browse on fiverr, you might find a topic or industry that sparks your interest. Interested in web design? Chances are you can find free or cheap online courses that will take you from beginner to fiverr-ready. One of the best ways to learn something is to connect it to a concrete project with some stakes at the end. Why not take a web design course and build the first mockup for your fiverr portfolio? Sharing your work with the world can be scary but it enriches the learning experience and ensures you are putting in real effort. You can always charge a lower cost than others and explain you're a student if that makes it less intimidating. Maybe a client is looking for something simple and wants to support young talent. You would be the perfect fit!

If you are interested in learning a new skill, some of my favorite platforms are Udemy, Skillshare, and YouTube. 

  • Udemy has a wide range of courses, and they are almost always on sale. Take a look at the reviews before you buy one because they can be hit or miss. I always prefer courses that have a concrete project so that I can apply my learning directly. I built this website using this course. :) 
  • Skillshare is a subscription platform, but it's fantastic if you want to dabble in a bunch of different areas. They also have options to apply for student scholarships
  • YouTube can be a magical place. You can learn a TON without paying a dime. It's a bit harder to sift through the not-so-great content, but if you have time and do your research, you can do almost all of your learning for free. 

Happy learning!